On Common Grounds

"Signs are not always seen most must be felt."
Mario Vernon

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It is not enough to share things in common with another, when deciding to merge space with another person. Save something of your self (ungiven and untainted) for your soulmate. The only way for this world to heal is by sharing common ground.

Signs are not always seen most must be felt. Use your innate insight to mother your common sense and you should evade failed possibilities. Respect is the key to life; take it everywhere, because a peaceful passing is better than an aggressive arrival into any land.

A soil of solution is only fertile to another common ground and it doesn’t turn over using divided tools, we must work together. A home’s worst incidental is a faulty foundation. The world and the spirit cannot and will not abide in the same home without a war.

Mario Vernon

Mario is a writer and business owner specializing in creative writing with a spiritual focus. He offers various services for aspiring writers who need inspiration and guidance.