If Men You Are

"Men, I'm bulletproof to your games of "last tag." We are not supposed to be so gentle with one another"
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Men is this what this has come to, I mean why so a bended wrist? Stand up when you water the grass, and stop smacking your teeth so much.

Men, thinking you twinge in jeans doesn’t grant you hips, so walk like a man. Whence does the uniform matters, our faces fixed more than women. But have the nerve to blush around another bull we are cows.

Men… you gossip like little fairytale animations and you are serious about your true colors.

Men, no matter what I do you have no burden on my shoulders or I yours. Men we hate ourselves because we think that we are separate body parts, we’re the whole body!

Men, I’m bulletproof to your games of “last tag.” We are not supposed to be so gentle with one another., Men… we should not be so low in valor that we trade the brotherhood for an apron. Though real men do cook.

Mario Vernon

Mario is a writer and business owner specializing in creative writing with a spiritual focus. He offers various services for aspiring writers who need inspiration and guidance.