Golden Girl

"She is the estimate of what a lady should be and is and an incredible human being."
Shelly Andrews

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For as long as we have been living we have become familiar with several terms of strength and endearment. Phrases such as “the golden time of day,” or “hearts of gold.” The most remarkable and upstanding compliments have been spoken to commemorate the awesomeness of people and places in life. But there is nothing like appreciating a “Golden Girl.”

A Golden Girl is a woman who is heaven sent; somewhat like an angel or a goddess, very special. She is the estimate of what a lady should be and is and an incredible human being. Today, not many people live from within, not sure if many will ever know how that feels. Life will give us many examples of prestigious and honorable hearts of strength. People who care about the people.

Human welfare and the well-being of others do not seem to appeal to a selfish society. We must be thankful for those who teach, nurse, and mother without a drudged heart the signature of kindness. The worth of a valuable spirit is priceless, and the works of a priceless mother is to be praised. She works to provide and she offers to others a good word. She delights in her responsibilities as a very rare kind of lady and must never go on unnoticed.

More expensive in spirit than a bar of gold or any ring or crown made of jewels a Golden Girl value is set at humanitarian. Her mere smile is a philanthropist and the degree of her maternal endowments promotes patience. Something that many lack today in our responsibility to each other is patience. She has a magical color that colorizes the emptiness of life’s civil crayon box (she’s pure black.) She is the brightest of all good-Samaritans, very essential and deserving of a thank you.

Mario Vernon

Mario is a writer and business owner specializing in creative writing with a spiritual focus. He offers various services for aspiring writers who need inspiration and guidance.