A Colored Museum

"Where has the décor of the souls been taken, and what is worth trading our souls for?" Life is the greatest museum filled with the most ardent features and wonders, and we stand most presented."
Mario Vernon Publishing

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Like the sands of the desert… and the clays of Africa, we must find ourselves again. And from wherever we lost us. 

The signature describing our maker is of a most high name, one above all other names. To respect that name is to respect the man within all of us (even women.) 

There is no gender entrance into the pits of hell, and hell can never be satisfied. The gift is better than the curse, and salvation is greater than fire. 

Time only holds enough ticks to turn a righteous hand, and stop enslaving the land. It is grown free thereby it can only exist freely. It exists for its lonely intent and purpose of providing for all people. 

We who pray to the land the land will repay us for our respects, for paying it forward.

Mario Vernon

Mario is a writer and business owner specializing in creative writing with a spiritual focus. He offers various services for aspiring writers who need inspiration and guidance.