Captivate The Other Self

We must learn to captivate the other self, in order to create our own freedoms and our own peaceful places.


Just Because

There is a freedom yet to be lived that we know, but that we also seem to fear pursuing. Why?
There is a freedom yet to be lived that we know, but that we also seem to fear pursuing. Why?


An Awesome Interruption

Somethings in our way are not storms aimed to proceed us as failures, somethings are simply an awesome interruption. A thing that creates a peaceful moment of timeout, and, everyone can use a break in life.


A Rose Is A Smile

I see a rose and a smile as being the same thing, although different. They work well together to create pleasing attributes.

Contemporary Art

To Be Considered

One thing that is common is that the most uncommon forms of thought or life are commonly the most interesting, even in all of their weirdness.

Crossing Bridges

This is where we can play if we choose to let the little boy in me and the little girl in you out to play.


An Attractive Understanding

You can love some people with an opened hand but their hearts are so close that they push your loving hand away


Held Safe By Love

No one could explain the birthing of creation, yet all will continue to marvel at something as pure as a sun rising or a blanket of snow upon the earth’s bedding foundation.

A Perfectionist Burden

Just know, somewhere in this world someone needs our support and wish to have the very strength to capture their true freedom.


To Stand By Honor

The world will always mock the joke until the joke start to become the world. They who has the last laugh are handpicked by a Holy Spirit “especially” for designed purposes.


The Strength Of A Flower

It is quite addicting
the virtuous path of
a remarkable woman. One
a compelling charm, one
as inspiring as joy.


An Open Floorplan

If lies have furnished any parts of the foundation, redecorate so arguments have no pictures in a frame.

3 ladies

The Unremarkable Human

Harmful ways of ignorance hold precedence over the attributes of morals and dignity today.How can the passionate behavior of obedience be reenergized to bring back trust?