Let It Move You

Watch the hands touch upon the piano keys as if the connection is beyond the message of sound. Tender and close both the musician and

I Will Not Ask Again

“I am not constitutional in the sense of living by some code of unethical demands, I do not need to be supervised.”

A Bright Idea

“Let’s turn on our lights of civility and course our humanitarian efforts into solutions.”

Why It Is Necessary

“No one sends a child on a journey without pruning him for the challenges.”

To My Mellow

“To dismiss the truths from our tongues is to say that it never entered into our souls. And we have soul.”

A Groovy Tune

“I am still skipping and singing down my path with joy and freedom. Why aren’t you? “

That Kind of Attention

“The scent of flowers creates an aroma of jazz and that 70’s love combined.”

A Half flag Salute

“A man looses weight and a society immediately holds to ill-judgements, criticizing and slander. Just suppose…”

Another Mile To Go

“Waving at a blind man will not help him to adhere to your warning of him standing under a hoisted piano.”

Gazing In A Daze

“It is as if though a man loosens his tie as a gesture of calling this world insidious. No different from a woman slinging her bra across the room. “

Night Vision

“Place your nest high as the eagle’s nest. “

Lose Myself

” It means can you see yourself, can you feel again the materials that makes up your inner faculties? Sh*** are you alive? “

In All Sensibility

“Voting for the right candidate, the candidates being love, life and freedom should combine a whole structure of living.”

What She Sees In Her

“She sues to place blame on the world, well, the men who she delivered her soul to… seeking company.”

A Broken Book

‘People today learning, understanding and teaching from a broken book, hoping to heal a world in shambles.”

Remain Humble

“Culture wars are the untruth, having friends of every nation proves this.”

Liberty & Justice

“Don’t wear dark close in a well to do area, if you must, make sure your head isn’t nappy.”

If I Had Wings

“There is no difference in the air of my lungs or yours, finding a country by mistake isn’t the same as being forced somewhere.”

Pride Dear People

“Physical confrontation is what we are supposed to concede by, our anger is needed to initiate their next step.”