Sharing Feelings

“Carving initials into the bark of a tree or finger writing in wet cement are tokens of appreciation.”

One Foot…

“Who chooses to read the words of prejudice or a need to save the children? Why must the healing be declined but the hurt increases?”

Food For Thought

“A teacher faces far more challenges working to educate a people who is so illiterate to what learning is about. “

I Live Up There

” A person who lives better than some lives longer not living better around those who struggles.”

A Thousand Times

“Valuing another person’s consent to travel, when to return, and, what we can return with gives us a right, so we think. “

You See You in Me

” So if man… be the man for your journey, not for woman or opinions, not even fame. The same for woman. “

Every Woman

“Feminism will say since the beginning men has subjected women, describe the man you saw. Was it a sheet or a skin color?”

Step Out On Faith

” A ticket printed up to ballot the emotions of the people are statistics counting governed and anti-governed people. “

Tasteful Accents

“The future behold all of the name brand fabrics of nobility and civil decadence with the names of our children.”

Let It Happen Here

“This is that place where we call our safeguard and our private domain, this is our prayer room.”

Doesn’t Take Much

“My love is my charity and change unrehearsed; there is a man inside of me greater than myself.”

The Impossible is Possible

“Holding a Caucasian hand has never made me feel like I would catch a virus, nor a Mexican hand.”

I’m Still Affiliated

“I am proud of myself without shame of whatever I went through to come through doubt and into my self-appreciations.”

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

“If ever I was hated in my ignorance what excuse do you have to attack my wisdom now?”

Do It For Pleasure

“Apprenez à faire plus de ce que vous aimez faire pour vous-même et moins vos maîtres esclaves (le travail.) “

A Pretzel Indication

“Systematically the majority is still believing that a vote will give us liberated standing while the blind leads the blind.”

To My Surprise

“I never thought that the black sheep’s journey will eventually be written white.”

Merry Go Round

“Happily life should go around in and about the return of a privileged joy, and so I carrousel at an amazing journey. I own me!”

All The Time

“How do my eyes bleed from the street level of seeing society but my nose won’t bleed at my upper sights?”

Goals That Exceeds

“My dad would always say; “son there is nothing wrong with being a man, there is something wrong with being too much of a man.”