The Impossible is Possible

“Holding a Caucasian hand has never made me feel like I would catch a virus, nor a Mexican hand.”

I’m Still Affiliated

“I am proud of myself without shame of whatever I went through to come through doubt and into my self-appreciations.”

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

“If ever I was hated in my ignorance what excuse do you have to attack my wisdom now?”

Do It For Pleasure

“Apprenez à faire plus de ce que vous aimez faire pour vous-même et moins vos maîtres esclaves (le travail.) “

A Pretzel Indication

“Systematically the majority is still believing that a vote will give us liberated standing while the blind leads the blind.”

To My Surprise

“I never thought that the black sheep’s journey will eventually be written white.”

Merry Go Round

“Happily life should go around in and about the return of a privileged joy, and so I carrousel at an amazing journey. I own me!”

All The Time

“How do my eyes bleed from the street level of seeing society but my nose won’t bleed at my upper sights?”

Goals That Exceeds

“My dad would always say; “son there is nothing wrong with being a man, there is something wrong with being too much of a man.”

The Next Time

“If you must use me as a positive example to amplify the esteem of someone else we mutually know, put me down.”

A Traveling Man’s Story

“Tomorrow I will see today and laugh at the stones hitting my actual funny bone, tickling me hysterically.”

Taking Rightful Place

“I hear the majority of urban America refer to themselves as being kings and queens without leadership. Ability that is.”

#101 Thank You

“Today makes for me my one hundred and one post, giving love to my readership for taking this walk with me. “

It Has To Win

“Make no promises to me or to you but do what you intend to do for us.”

Gravitate To Them

“Seek laughter; after all, this life has commanded enough tears from you. Go and find somewhere that you can gain a good laughter.”

If You’d Please

” Register me a free human being and there will be no trouble from me, I will have qualified peace.”


“Truly essential to any one person’s character is charisma.”

On Borrowed Time

“A man and his money are soon departed by his inner Scrooge, hoarding greed from starving men.”

The Golden Place

‘If Willie Wonka created a golden ticket and Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, my life is paved.”