Mario Vernon Publishing

Tell Them

“If anyone thinks to paralyze the movement leave them stuck to stupidity, learning is a process.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Watching Me

” Love is no more than living on the brink of submission, and then letting go.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Men of Momma

” There’s no one to blame for my pains, but there are those responsible for my healing.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Giving Life Meaning

“Today is about conforming to right; Not even the ring can out shine the tears of joy expressed today.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Rare Beauty

“Pay homage to the spirits of better days by acknowledging a lady as the premier of woman.”

Raising Integrity

” True utilities are love, kindness and forgiveness. Let’s turn on the power.”

Not Much To Ask

“Love is not a commercial thing, it has no hurting intent, and love does not offer expectations.”

Conformed To Failure

” Society doesn’t require students of man to educate the land, unless that man has hurt from the same pains of life he mentors from.”

Make Up Your Beds

“What Can Feel Like Magic Is Deceit, But What Lives Inside Of Us Is The Truth.”

Let It Burn

“No one wants to conceive the thought if that’s the truth. But it’s best to be placed in the furnace with faith than to burn of ignorance. You better let it go.”

Not Quite The Same

“The wording can be changed so don’t go letting someone convince you that your steps are permanent. “

The Introduction

“We do not have much time to shine so we better get into the glow of things while we are still polished.” – Mario Vernon

75% Off Your Future

” When does it take a so-called star to direct the sun,? As to say, you are too bright to be following a role model sold to you through media. Yet I love home.”

Make Your Own Mark

“There’s a man who can cut hair but when it comes to women he lacks what it takes to cut it. And there is a boy who thinks he’s a man until responsibility calls for him to lace his boots.”

What I Dream

“I dream of the streets while most of my brothers hope for peace, because there will be no peace until the community is redeemed. As a man I do not channel my hopes to frivolous wishes. “

The Men Who Chose To

“Stop detailing the modesty of life’s true heroes and fighters with your low esteems of knowing that you should be willing to live and die for yourselves.”

A Time In A Time

“It is a constant search and waiting period; joining with those who shall be seated at the table of exodus with me. Yet, my business has already been thoroughly established, and my company does not consist of a visitor but a CEO.”

If Men You Are

“Men, I’m bulletproof to your games of “last tag.” We are not supposed to be so gentle with one another”

Birthing A Nation

“Quite simply, she is the backbone of every presidential seat occupied since the beginning of need for sensible vision.”

Golden Girl

“She is the estimate of what a lady should be and is and an incredible human being.”