The Librarian Graveyard

“There was a time when one could check out a book of philosophical studies, or a book of travel and the inheritance of information would transform into A room full of educated people. Not anymore. Dunce fills the future..”

Mario Vernon publishing

It Says It Best

“Romance is the essential element of touching and breathing, it’s an art like a birth recorded, and lives in everybody.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Amazing Grace

‘Slithering and creeping are not the fundamentals of a bird, but the ways of the serpent.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

If We Can Dance

“When the night ends with your heels in your hands a bottle of bubbly in mine (laughing.) We can agree that we had a good night.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Why They Follow

“The truth of why people follow another person., if it is a fan, supporters, sponsors or census is because they foresee your success in early process. They become your return of investment before monetary rewards begin to generate into an income about your business.”

Mario Vernon

On Common Grounds

“Signs are not always seen most must be felt.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Calm Down

“Who promised us a life of freedom, and from what lifestyle does such a promise have to be made? Slavery I cry out from while I’m being told to calm down, what is this injustice?”

Mario Vernon

He Ain’t Heavy

“How can a man see himself in a mirror while never seeing his soulmate as a reflection?”

Mario Vernon Publishing

A Colored Museum

“Where has the décor of the souls been taken, and what is worth trading our souls for?” Life is the greatest museum filled with the most ardent features and wonders, and we stand most presented.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

For The Love Only

” We are about bridging only the love here at MVP, our solution is to keep spreading positive vibes.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

Patience in Humbleness

“A good woman is attractive but a great lady is a spiritual diamond that shines blinding to everything of a disturbing persona. Witness the premier of Mother Nature in a mother in natural solace.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

A Long Time Coming

‘Where there is an horizon I intend to greet it, to make it to the top of my being. I am not a color but I am classified by a color code, and which I do not render to. I am a human being.”

Mario Vernon Publishing

A Gentle Breeze

Aren’t women the very tool that keeps this machine called life (working?)

Mario Vernon Publishing

Someone I Believe In

“The synthetic makings of a boy (playing man,) is a spit in the face of every gentleman. But the errors of a boy is widely understood by every man.”

Mario Vernon

A Very Dark Place

” Laying your head anywhere is not the answer to finding comfort inside of ourselves. “

Mario Vernon Publishing

Something Inside of Her

” It was a woman who updated the Underground Railroad, and she freed more than modern times without voting.”