Not Quite The Same

“The wording can be changed so don’t go letting someone convince you that your steps are permanent. “

The Introduction

“We do not have much time to shine so we better get into the glow of things while we are still polished.” – Mario Vernon

75% Off Your Future

” When does it take a so-called star to direct the sun,? As to say, you are too bright to be following a role model sold to you through media. Yet I love home.”

Make Your Own Mark

“There’s a man who can cut hair but when it comes to women he lacks what it takes to cut it. And there is a boy who thinks he’s a man until responsibility calls for him to lace his boots.”

What I Dream

“I dream of the streets while most of my brothers hope for peace, because there will be no peace until the community is redeemed. As a man I do not channel my hopes to frivolous wishes. “

The Men Who Chose To

“Stop detailing the modesty of life’s true heroes and fighters with your low esteems of knowing that you should be willing to live and die for yourselves.”

A Time In A Time

“It is a constant search and waiting period; joining with those who shall be seated at the table of exodus with me. Yet, my business has already been thoroughly established, and my company does not consist of a visitor but a CEO.”

If Men You Are

“Men, I’m bulletproof to your games of “last tag.” We are not supposed to be so gentle with one another”

Birthing A Nation

“Quite simply, she is the backbone of every presidential seat occupied since the beginning of need for sensible vision.”

Golden Girl

“She is the estimate of what a lady should be and is and an incredible human being.”

Sharing Feelings

“Carving initials into the bark of a tree or finger writing in wet cement are tokens of appreciation.”

One Foot…

“Who chooses to read the words of prejudice or a need to save the children? Why must the healing be declined but the hurt increases?”

Food For Thought

“A teacher faces far more challenges working to educate a people who is so illiterate to what learning is about. “

I Live Up There

” A person who lives better than some lives longer not living better around those who struggles.”

A Thousand Times

“Valuing another person’s consent to travel, when to return, and, what we can return with gives us a right, so we think. “

You See You in Me

” So if man… be the man for your journey, not for woman or opinions, not even fame. The same for woman. “

Every Woman

“Feminism will say since the beginning men has subjected women, describe the man you saw. Was it a sheet or a skin color?”

Step Out On Faith

” A ticket printed up to ballot the emotions of the people are statistics counting governed and anti-governed people. “

Tasteful Accents

“The future behold all of the name brand fabrics of nobility and civil decadence with the names of our children.”

Let It Happen Here

“This is that place where we call our safeguard and our private domain, this is our prayer room.”