However you vision it, we can write it.

Mario Vernon Publishing is a creative writing company that lends its literary services to anyone who wants to tell their story. 

The primary purpose is to inspire artful writers to challenge their own journey into the literary world. 

We want to bring out the best in every writer who chooses to express the experiences of their personal ambitions and leave a worthy mark in society. 

Those who are looking to write a book (short story, novel, childhood education and poetry) will find advice and solutions to help improve and promote their works. 


Our motto:

If there is much to be seen, there is much to be shown.

MVP is not just an ordinary publishing service. We offer unique developmental writing assistance, which includes proofreading, editing, business document preparation, legal motions, electronic greeting cards and much more. 

Our goal is to grow exceedingly fast by building a diverse client database of acquired professionals, who are in need of effective and efficient writing services that we provide. 

We strongly respect our clients investment and each work for hire is essential to our brand. 

As a client of ours, you are the authority that we aim to please with consistent deliveries of high-quality service.  

Our motto:

If there is much to be seen, there is much to be shown.


Mario Vernon