A Gentle Breeze

Aren’t women the very tool that keeps this machine called life (working?)
Mario Vernon Publishing

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The most romantic aspects of life is all that I search out to find, the love of a mother is the greatest. I once found living to be something comical before love jumped up and got my attention. To celebrate the most fascinating endearments is something that I feel all people need to capture… all the time. 

The holiday seasons do not have to begin and end with some worldly pronunciation, they can speak volume. Why can’t celebrating women be all the time, especially mothers. This year let’s celebrate Valentines and Mother’s Day every weekend, after all, who deserves more appreciation than mothers? Aren’t women the very tool that keeps this machine called life (working?) What is a human need if it is never felt? What is a feeling if it isn’t meant to heal? 

I guess what I am trying to say is that; “All Women of Today Is Worth The Benefit of Love,” and a standing ovation. Without the marvel and magic of women this would be such an artless world, lacking every beauty.

Mario Vernon

Mario is a writer and business owner specializing in creative writing with a spiritual focus. He offers various services for aspiring writers who need inspiration and guidance.