The Pen Is Mightier
Than The Sword

If one is as non-argumentative about their path, and as a leaf is with the wind, they will find themselves being carried by an entrusting faith regarding their purpose;
Mario Vernon
Understanding their gift, and the importance of being exactly where they need to be when the need for them to be is called to their attention.
Mario Vernon
To securely land upon a foundation of success, one cannot soar by doubt, but by determination exceedingly.
Mario Vernon

Recent Thoughts


The Librarian Graveyard

“There was a time when one could check out a book of philosophical studies, or a book of travel and the inheritance of information would transform into A room full of educated people. Not anymore. Dunce fills the future..”

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It Says It Best

“Romance is the essential element of touching and breathing, it’s an art like a birth recorded, and lives in everybody.”

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Mario Vernon Publishing

Amazing Grace

‘Slithering and creeping are not the fundamentals of a bird, but the ways of the serpent.”

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If there is much to be seen,
there is much to be shown.